Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Awards longlists revealed

Nah then.

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. The effect of the union edicts and the seeming awareness of members that we have spotters around and about has seen a drop off in the number of offences witnessed. There are still boot offences around and about and we are quietly dealing with those. Rémi Casty was spotted last Friday chasing down a cheeky half-back all the way to the posts, but we reckon he was just kidding as he was never catching the lad.

Anyway, this time of year is always busy as we send out letters to the membership requesting their nominations for the two main awards at our glittering ceremony in about a month's time. Prop of the Year and Young Prop of the Year are both highly cherished awards and, having got the Treasurer's lad to tot it all up, we can now reveal the longlist which will be whittled down to a shortlist of four before the awards dinner.

So, the longlist for Prop of the Year (in alphabetical order):
Stuart Dickens (Featherstone chapter)
David Ferriol (Perpignan)
James Graham (Tellins)
Keith Mason (Uddersfield)
Adrian Morley (Warrington)
Ryan O'Hara (Wales North)
Mark O'Meley (Hull West)
Jamie Peacock (Leeds)
Mick Vella (Hull East)
Brendan Worth (Toulouse)

The longlist for Young Prop of the Year (under 25 at start of the season and in alphabetical order):
Luke Burgess (Leeds chapter)
Steve Crossley (Bradford)
Rémi Casty (Perpignan)
Ben Gledhill (Wakefield)
James Graham (Tellins)
Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook (London)
Larne Patrick (Huddersfield)
Paul Prescott (Wigan)
Alex Rowe (Sheffield)
Nicholas Scruton (Bradford)
Liam Watts (Hull East)

And there's the Johnny Foreigner of the Year, again in alphabetical order:
Mark Bryant (Wales North chapter)
Joel Clinton (Hull East)
David Ferriol (Perpignan)
Jim Gannon (Widnes)
Wayne Kerr (Oldham)
Kylie Leuluai (Leeds)
Sam Moa (Hull West)
Mark O'Meley (Hull West)
Ryan O'Hara (Wales North)
Mick Vella (Hull East)

There are other awards which we'd like to canvas opinion on from you, the wider Rugby League family. Let the Chairman know via Twitter or by adding to the comments section on here your nominations for the following:

Cheeky half-back slapping of the year. Which esteemed member has done most to rearrange the face (and doubtless the stupid haircut) of a cheeky half-back this year?
Best use of fists in a dramatic context. Who has dished out the best bit of biff on the field of play?
The disgrace to the union award. Daft haircut, poncy boots, scoring from 40 metres? Who's the worst?
Club of the year. Which club has done most for it's members or which chapter of members has best represented their club as a unit?
Anti-club of the year. Well it's the opposite of the above one ain't it. Which chapter has uniformly fallen foul of union guidance or which club has let the union down?
Sportsman of the year. Which member has gone above and beyond in the name of sportsmanship in this past season?

Let the Chairman know your thoughts.

Thanking you.

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