Thursday, 16 December 2010

More T-Shirt News

Nah then

Compliments of tha season to thi all.

Th’Hon Treasurer has clearly had a bit too much mulled mild in't build up to festive period.

He’s only gone and approved some new t-shirt designs fert PFU shop.

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So get thi one tha loves a bit of clothing from't PFU for Christmas

Thanking you kindly

Thursday, 28 October 2010

T-Shirt Special Offer!!!!

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I suppose tha's sin't advert on't side o'page here.

T’shop is now offering free shipping for all purchases made between 1st and 14th November. Ideal for getting the Chrimbo presents for the prop (or, gawd ‘elp us, the propette) in your life.

So, dig deep and look cool for't cats this festive season wit most exclusive range of clothing tha's likely to see.

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Thanking you kindly.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

The Prop of the Year show

At a glittering ceremony at a prestigious venue (upstairs at the Partridge & Cow, Upper Cumberworth), the union dished out the usual awards. The original plan was to have it in Grand Final week, but the postponement prompted a change of heart on some of the awards. Let's have a look at who won what.

The first award was for the Sportsman of the Year. This went to Stuart Fielden (Wigan), with the Chairman particularly pleased to note his dramatic return to form. After a couple of years in the propping wilderness, he's knuckled down and got back to the standards he set back in the day to the point at which he now has a chance to dish some out to them Australians again.

The Hit of the Year award went to Nicholas Scruton (Bradford) for his bell-ringer on fellow union member Joel Clinton of the Hull (East) chapter. Apparently, Mr Clinton's ears are still ringing.

The Best use of Fists award is shared and, inevitably, it's shared between members from opposite sides of the Hull divide. Sam Moa and Liam Watts had a right set-to in the derby, flinging knuckle left, right and centre. Proper old-school biffo which the committee enjoyed immensely.

The Club of the Year statue goes to Hull FC who have set high standards in the art of prop forwardry. There's a consistency of excellence in both attire and attitude. The boots in particular have been a joy to behold with the only glimpse of white coming on the side of Peter Cusack's choice of footwear.

By contrast, the winners of the Anti-Club of the Year have been an utter disgrace. Wakefield, for it is they, had all union members decked out in daft footwear, to the point at which a youngster like Ben Gledhill saw fit to copy his elders. That's not the model role that elder statesmen like Richard Moore should be laying down for the next generation.

Tied into this comes the special Mardarse of the Year gong which goes to former Wakefield member Shane Tronc whose missus spat her dummy and he followed her back down under with an enormous thumb print on his head. Wakefield not good enough for her? Pfft.

The Disgrace to the Union award was only ever going to be Luke Burgess's. Anyone who has ever seen the lad's Twitter feed know that his life seems to revolve around Nandos, Starbucks and an unhealthy relationship with one of them fancy dan centres.

And before we get down to the big awards, the Chairman's Special Award is going to young Eamon O'Carroll of the Wigan chapter who, on his club's Mad Monday, went drink for drink with known pisscan Mark Riddell and nearly bloody beat him. A great effort from a young man and we'll be looking out for him in the future.

So to the big awards and first it's Johnny Forriner of the Year. The initial longlist had been whittled down to three and third was Ryan O'Hara (Wales North), David Ferriol (Perpignan) second, but the winner by a landslide was Mark O'Meley (Hull West). An outstanding season by the bizarrely-eared baldy, all done in boots as black as coal. A great debut season in the union and we look forward to more from the bloke.

James Graham was leading voting in the Young Prop of the Year, but his disgraceful showing in the Grand Final saw him drop out before the final three. There's no place for bawling at refs until you go pink in the face, let alone pretending to be a cheeky half back. Third was Larne Patrick (Uddersfield) whose strong running impressed everyone, second was Liam Watts (Hull East) despite occasionally being forced into the back row, but the winner was Nicholas Scruton (Bradford). A consistently excellent year in trying circumstances for his club, all done with respect for union rules and a smile on his face. And in proper footwear. If only all youngsters kept to the standard.

And so to the big one, the Prop of the Year. In third place, a bit of a surprise, was Stuart Dickens (Featherstone). He was outstanding all year in the Championship and has even knocked kicking goals on the head which is probably what caught the judge's eyes more than anything else. Following up on his Foreigner of the Year award in second was Mark O'Meley whose praises we sang earlier. The outright winner, a shock to no-one, was that venerable old stager Adrian Morley (Warrington). The term 'role model' is overused, but entirely appropriate here. He's led his side from the front, in a lovely pair of boots, and looks like a player six or seven years his junior. It's arguably been his best season yet and all should treasure him while he's still around. He won't last forever. A future Hall of Famer, without question. Mr Morley, your union salutes you.

All the gongs given out and pies eaten, it was on to a club for additional refreshment. A good night was had by all. Congratulations to all our winners and to everyone else, those are the standards. Follow the likes of Messrs Scruton, O'Meley and Morley and you won't go far wrong.

Monday, 27 September 2010

Awards dinner postponed

A special meeting of the PFU Committee convened on Sunday evening where a decision was taken to postpone the Prop of the Year awards dinner in light of the tragic news received during the course of the Championship Finals day re Terry Newton.

Of course, Terry was not a member of our union, but a large number of our current and past membership shared a front row with him and we have always recognised the symbiotic relationship between props and their hooker. Also, we've always admired a fierce competitor, whichever position they took on the field, and Terry was certainly one of those.

With so many of Terry's former colleagues in the union struggling to come to terms with what's happened, we feel it only appropriate to postpone our annual celebration of all things prop forward and an announcement about a rearrangement will be made in due course.

Thanking you kindly.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Awards longlists revealed

Nah then.

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. The effect of the union edicts and the seeming awareness of members that we have spotters around and about has seen a drop off in the number of offences witnessed. There are still boot offences around and about and we are quietly dealing with those. Rémi Casty was spotted last Friday chasing down a cheeky half-back all the way to the posts, but we reckon he was just kidding as he was never catching the lad.

Anyway, this time of year is always busy as we send out letters to the membership requesting their nominations for the two main awards at our glittering ceremony in about a month's time. Prop of the Year and Young Prop of the Year are both highly cherished awards and, having got the Treasurer's lad to tot it all up, we can now reveal the longlist which will be whittled down to a shortlist of four before the awards dinner.

So, the longlist for Prop of the Year (in alphabetical order):
Stuart Dickens (Featherstone chapter)
David Ferriol (Perpignan)
James Graham (Tellins)
Keith Mason (Uddersfield)
Adrian Morley (Warrington)
Ryan O'Hara (Wales North)
Mark O'Meley (Hull West)
Jamie Peacock (Leeds)
Mick Vella (Hull East)
Brendan Worth (Toulouse)

The longlist for Young Prop of the Year (under 25 at start of the season and in alphabetical order):
Luke Burgess (Leeds chapter)
Steve Crossley (Bradford)
Rémi Casty (Perpignan)
Ben Gledhill (Wakefield)
James Graham (Tellins)
Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook (London)
Larne Patrick (Huddersfield)
Paul Prescott (Wigan)
Alex Rowe (Sheffield)
Nicholas Scruton (Bradford)
Liam Watts (Hull East)

And there's the Johnny Foreigner of the Year, again in alphabetical order:
Mark Bryant (Wales North chapter)
Joel Clinton (Hull East)
David Ferriol (Perpignan)
Jim Gannon (Widnes)
Wayne Kerr (Oldham)
Kylie Leuluai (Leeds)
Sam Moa (Hull West)
Mark O'Meley (Hull West)
Ryan O'Hara (Wales North)
Mick Vella (Hull East)

There are other awards which we'd like to canvas opinion on from you, the wider Rugby League family. Let the Chairman know via Twitter or by adding to the comments section on here your nominations for the following:

Cheeky half-back slapping of the year. Which esteemed member has done most to rearrange the face (and doubtless the stupid haircut) of a cheeky half-back this year?
Best use of fists in a dramatic context. Who has dished out the best bit of biff on the field of play?
The disgrace to the union award. Daft haircut, poncy boots, scoring from 40 metres? Who's the worst?
Club of the year. Which club has done most for it's members or which chapter of members has best represented their club as a unit?
Anti-club of the year. Well it's the opposite of the above one ain't it. Which chapter has uniformly fallen foul of union guidance or which club has let the union down?
Sportsman of the year. Which member has gone above and beyond in the name of sportsmanship in this past season?

Let the Chairman know your thoughts.

Thanking you.

Monday, 5 July 2010

Get thi T-Shirts!!!!

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We've gone into a bit of a sideline. We've got a range of exclusive PFU T-Shirts on sale right now tha knows.

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Any suggestions for new t-shirts more than welcome as well.

Thanking you kindly

Friday, 2 July 2010

Don't drop it

Now then.

It's been a busy old time at PFU towers with some shameful behaviour by some of our members or in some cases non-members. Two of the committee have been hospitalised by some of the actions and we wish them a speedy recovery. The coronary unit at the local hospital may end up being our chosen charity the rate they have to treat committee members at the moment.

Anyway, onto business and it's a question of where to start.

First of all we start in the South of France. Very nice at this time of year I hear and plenty of sunshine and all that. It has been brought to our attention though that Paul King (Wakefield) whilst wearing white boots succeeded where Andrew Lynch failed back at Easter and slotted over a one pointer. What that bloody hell are you doing King? His defence said that he was left with no option as the ball found it's way to him on the last. You'll have to do better than that. Thou shalt not put boot to ball son but we'll accept cash or cheque.

Disturbing news that Huddersfield have been playing a unregistered member in the front row. Calls have been made to the Fartown shop steward but for some reason we haven't been able to get through. We hope that Graeme Horne either tips up here with his papers pretty damn quick or stops sticking his head in the front row. We were under the impression that this bugger were a poncey centre, what is this sport coming to?

After his efforts in London the other week straightening up that young upstart Krasniqi the committee would like to place on record their best wishes to Kylie Leuluai (Leeds) after his recent injury against the Crusaders. We'd also like to commend Mr Leuluai, despite being in obvious pain and about to be helped from the field he took the time to verbally berate the offender before being dragged off. We reckon if he'd have been within swinging distance fists may have been thrown. Better luck next time.

There has also been some concern raised over non-members impersonating members in order to form a quick scrum to get referee to stop clock. It has been noticed that a Sam Tomkins and Paul Wellens have both been in this situation recently. We would like to remind all shop stewards of their duty to remove such imposters from the scrum and let the real lads take over. So far, there's been no incident, but we're keeping a beady eye out.

The PFU Network gets ever wider as our new Agent Tellins has been in touch with footwear breaches from the visit of Salford to Knowsley Road t'other day. Must like the game this lad as he's snitched on two kids from th'academy game. Step forward Gareth Frodsham (Tellins) and Adam Neal (Salford). We are particularly disappointed with the actions of Mr Neal; as well as scoring a try in said game he's on loan from Warrington and has a great role model in the shape of Mr Morley and he should know better. Anyway, from the main game Tony Puletua, Nick Fozzard and Philip Leuluai were cited for footwear breaches.

We'd like to thank everyone who has been in touch with the Hon Chairman via twitter. Here's a selection of what we've received.

@ChrisMyers76 - Jamie Peacock (Leeds) white boots - and catching a ball that would have made Rob Green green with envy. - Just like to point out that we have no one by the name of Rob Green on the membership.

@elizhudson3 - I think I may have seen Danny Ward (London) attempt a chip&chase kick v Wigan on Sat. Didn't come to anything but intent was there. - He's got previous that lad as well.

@Philb1985 - Members setting up other members for tries at Hull KR - Deary me today

@JonnyStone - Peacock white boots - There is a trend here.

Anyway, the one story that sent the twitter into meltdown was the disgraceful scenes that were witnessed at Wheldon Road last weekend. So, thank you to @jourdmart (twice) and @ChrisIrvine and all the others who have brought this matter to our attention. Mitchell Sargent, whilst wearing white boots may we add, has kicked the ball across field to set up a try for some fancy dan centre. This is bordering on criminal, it was even mentioned by Hall of Famer Mr Barrie McDermott on that there SKY TV that Sargent should have a cheque in the post for us. Well, it hasn't dropped on the mat yet.

The Hon Chairman also did a bit of moonlighting last weekend as well. FInd out more here.

Once again, we'd like to thank everyone for their efforts in helping out the Union. We appreciate your support.

Just one more thing before we leave it for this week. We get messages from members of the union asking for clarification on a number of issues related to prop forwardry and, while we endeavour to answer them all, time dictates that we can't. If you're unsure, there's a simple mantra to recall which should see you straight: WWBHD, that's 'what would Brendan Hill do'. Stick to that and you won't be too far off, we reckon.

Here endeth the address.

Thanking you kindly.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Sticks and stones

Nah then.

Busy times for the Union again as members continue to bring shame to themselves and the fine name of this Union.

First up though, a bit of praise. We actually missed this one from the last report but full kudos to Hull (West) member Mr O'Meley for taking out some poncey hooker with a huge hit. Also Mr O'Meley continues to set footwear standards for the membership and we wish him a speedy recovery from his recent injury.

Onto business.

We'd like to welcome our youngest member into the fray so far, a whippersnapper from the London chapter by the name of Olsi Krasniqi. He's only 17 year old this lad but the Hon Treasurer must have had a weak moment when it was decided only to charge him at a concessionary rate for the subs until he turns 18. A pity though, he's blotted the copybook already by scoring a try on debut and wearing some dodgy blue and white boot combination. Thankfully, Kylie Leuluai (Leeds) straightened the poor bugger out at the weekend on behalf on the committee with an absolute monster hit which left the poor lad winded and being dragged off a couple of moments later. The committee wish to place on record their thanks for Mr Leuluai on his actions in this case.

The Wakefield problem seems to be getting worse and worse. After receiving registration papers for Charles Leaeno he immediately breached Union guidelines on debut by sporting a pair of white boots. Although we don't really care what non-members wear it was a disturbing sight to see 15 out of the 17 Wakefield players on show sporting non-black boots. The influence of Messers King, Moore and Korkidas in that club is beginning to show. Also Stuart Fielden (Wigan) was spotted in white boots during the same game, disappointing that such an experienced member of this fine Union has now taken this line.

Benjamin Harrison (Warrington) was spotted wearing inappropriate footwear last week during their game against Hull KR. For gods sake lad, you were on the telly and you ain't going to get away with it. Then again, Joel Clinton (Hull (East)) disgraced himself by not just wearing that poncey white and blue boot combination but actually kicking the ball as well.

David Ferriol (Perpignan) and Brendan Rawlins (Keighley) are also up on ball-kicking charges. Thanks to @StealthComic on that Twitter for grassing up the latter who committed two offences in the same game.

There was some prop-on-prop action between members of the Huddersfield and Bradford chapters. Nicholas Scruton smashed Keith Mason with a ferocious hit in the game at the Odsal Superdome. Mr Mason wanted to chat about it afterwards. Words are nothing son. Use your fists.

That's all for now. We'll have our spies out and about this weekend, but if you see anything untoward or praiseworthy, let us know on here or on the Chairman's Twitter.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Recognition from Fleet Street

Now then. Lots to do, so let's crack on.

The Leeds v Wakefield game was particularly disturbing. Leeds named Ian Kirke at prop without proper clearance, fees or registration documents. In play, Greg Eastwood also stuck his head in where it wasn't warranted and, more disturbingly, one of our spotters seems to think Paul Johnson did likewise for Wakefield. Video evidence wasn't conclusive, but the consequences of having a man formerly named international BACK of the year putting his head in the space reserved for membership would of course be dire. The case continues.

Joel Clinton, step forward for a ritual humiliation. Started on by a cheeky half-back - a cheeky French half-back in fact, which probably makes it worse - Mr Clinton summarily failed to lamp him. For shame. Hang your head. A stiff breeze looks like it'd blow Tony Gigot over, yet Mr Clinton couldn't/wouldn't.

James Graham, on the other hand, gets only praise rather than brickbats. His clash of heads a couple of weeks ago with Clint Newton - a second rower masquerading as a fancy-dan centre - saw only one of them staggering about like Bambi on ice, and it wasn't the ginger scouser. A good prop needs a solid melon and Mr Graham certainly has that.

Needless to say, boots remain a top priority, but we're going for a different tack. Instead of the stick, we'll use a carrot and praise those who didn't transgress. Jérome Guisset's were splendid, joining the list of veterans who are leading the way on this issue while Nick Scruton is giving the youngsters a good name. Unlike, that is, the following list of offenders and transgressors:
Jamie Peacock
Liam Higgins
Eorl Crabtree
Serial offender Craig Huby
Andy Raleigh
Ryan Bailey
David Ferriol
Ewan Dowes
Rémi Casty
Stuart Fielden
Mitchell Sargent
Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook

Luke Burgess failed to heed warnings and got injured whilst wearing a pair of white boots. If that doesn't teach the lad, what will?

The McCarthy-Scarsbrook case saw a point raised on that there Twitter by none other than Angela Powers of Sky Sports fame. "Being a cockney, is there a special dispensation?" she asks. Well I think we all know the answer to that: is there buggery. White footwear might look the part when you're dressed as a pearly king and doing the Lambeth Walk, perhaps even whilst having a banana, but it's not suitable for packing down in the front row.

Finally, when we heard that the Times had taken an interest, we assumed the South Yorkshire Times had got wind of things following the excoriation (thank you, word of the day toilet paper) of Mitchell Stringer a few weeks ago, but no. The actual Times carried a piece by Chris Irvine in praise of the union. Thanking you kindly young sir. Your support is appreciated.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Video nasty

Some weeks ago, we brought you a shocking video featuring Nick Fozzard bringing disgrace on his profession. Well more video nasties have emerged.

Danny Samuel of the Rochdale chapter is in big trouble for this. He's been caught on film scoring a try. It was officially timed at 7.9 seconds, the fastest ever in Rugby League and easily outstripping the previous best set by a member of this fine union. What's more, he's done it while wearing orange boots and playing in the second row without the necessary permit in place.

WARNING: This video should not be viewed by anyone who holds the great traditions of the union dear or has any sort of nervous disposition

This sort of behaviour cannot be condoned - none of it. The boots would be bad enough on their own. Scoring a try is bad enough on it's own, let alone after 7.9 seconds. Combine them all together and there can be no option. You might be in the bloody Guinness Book o'World records lad but your actions are still accountable to this fine Union. Danny Samuel: you're suspended from the PFU.

Ooh la la

As the heading on this here website thingy says, the PFU officially incorporates the Association Français de Piliers (AFP), which is, as far as I can see, foreign for Prop Forward's Union.

We received a despatch from our well-tanned correspondent, the carrier pigeon being unaffected by volcanic ash. Step forward David Ferriol. Unlike ourselves, the RFL have no appreciation of the noble art of front rowery and have him on a charge of "repeated punching" in an altercation with Danny Washbrook. We, however, warmly congratulate Monsieur Ferriol for his actions, made all the better that Washbrook was playing at stand-off in the game. Fancy-dan half-back getting his just desserts. Gold star (etoile d'or?) for M Ferriol. Well done sir.

The other French team playing over here, Toulouse, were involved in a game that saw some less welcome behaviour. They were beaten by Sheffield at Bramall Lane in a game that saw Mitchell Stringer kick four goals. Behave yourself sir and cough up the statutory fine. Toulouse prop Mathieu Griffi also brought shame on his profession, dribbling the ball through to the in-goal and scoring. He claims it was accidental, but the committee found against him and he too will be topping up the coffers with the requisite amount of euros.

Elsewhere, the lad Luke Burgess continues to incur the wrath. Look lad, you're not a loose forward, so keep your head out of the back of the scrum.

And it's a general warning to all as regards footwear. This is becoming so regular we're not sure threats of action are being taken seriously. It will be item one on the agenda at the Union general conference later in the year. In the meantime, we urge members to look to senior professionals such as Mr Morley (Warrington chapter) and Mr O'Meley (Hull (West)) for guidance.

That is all.

See thee.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Prop on prop action

Nah then.

Hope your all keeping well and getting ready for a weekend of hot prop on prop action on your sofas. We have been led to believe that all the games are on the telly this weekend so there is no hiding place for members who wish to disregard to rules of this Union. Myself, I'm off to the Grandson's and he's getting this fangly AitchDee so will be able to keep up on all the action meself.

Right, first up is the disgraceful scenes that saw seven out of eight members in the one game wearing inappropriate footwear. This occurred with members of the Hull (West) and Wakefield chapters last Friday. Gentlemen, this is beginning to go beyond funny now. We expect you to follow the example set by Mr O'Meley in this game. His boots were the example we are looking to set and we hope you follow his lead in the near future.

Adrian Morley seemed to have seen Mr O'Meley on Friday, he sported a pair of regulation boots on Sunday afternoon. Good work that son.

Just a reminder to you all

Lots of plaudits for James Graham after the weekend and his performance for the Tellins Chapter. Ok, the lad run his blood to water and all that but chasing a cheeky scrum half and almost catching him is going beyond the line of what we would expect from our members. And anyway, he didn't do a full 80 minutes so he can't have been that good.

Staying in St Helens the following has been bought to our attention via the twitter by @stumain. We would expect a more seasoned member to be behaving in a more responsible manner. The mere fact it's been caught on camera just makes it even worse. Watch it and weep. We'll be expecting a cheque on the mat in the near future.

Regular contributor @garrylad has bought to the attention of the PFU some hot prop on prop action from Odsal last Sunday. According to his report, Nicholas Scruton (Bradford) smashed Joel Clinton (Hull (East)) into the middle of next week with what he describes at "The Hit of the Season". Mr Clinton though has emerged with plenty of kudos, for a: staying on his feet and b: retaining the ball. We seem to remember Mr Clinton being on the end of something similar in Australia a few years back and it'd good to see he's still keeping his performances up to scratch, if his choice of footwear leaves a little to be desired.

More prop on prop action in the Challenge Cup. Big plaudits for Messrs Beattie (guest from France) and Gannon (Widnes) from a cup tie t'other night for upholding traditional Union values. They were at each others throats all game until the referee had enough late in the second half and dispatched them both to the sin bin. A bravura performance from both according to our snout, whatever bravura is. Sounds like some poncey car you'd expect to see some cheeky half back in.

More disturbing reference to that there Luke Burgess. He's been named on Twitter by some hooker stating the he was in a relationship with someone called Frog. It's not Smokey and the Bandit you know lad, get yourself a nice lass son otherwise you'll have Buford T Justice after your backside.

Craig Huby has again been cited, this time for playing in the second row without applying for the necessary permit. He still had white boots on and was spotted again kicking the ball out of hand as well. The cheque landed as usual on Monday morning but god help him if it bounces.

Sad to see Raymond Cashmere only bitch slapping some poncey full back on Sunday instead of planting him with a good fist to the mush. Also more members of the Castleford chapter have been reported by that man @stumain for boot offences. Mitchell Sargent, Liam Higgins and Paul Jackson all sighted and cited with Jackson's hideous red and white combination causing most concern and offence.

So, if you're off to Edinburgh this weekend. Safe journeys and all that but don't forget to sight and cite from the proceedings. You can contact us on here via the comments option or direct to the Chairman via Twitter, which if your up in Scotland might be a bit easier.

Thanking you kindly.

As you were

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Catching up on business

Nah then.

First of all an apology to our regular readers and viewers for the break in transmission in recent times. We've had a bit of sickness running through the Union and the Chairman has been particularly sick at the recent antics of some of the members.

We don't know where to start to be honest but we're going to dip into lower league action to start with and we're going to pick on a young man by the name of Daniel Samuels. Now if you're wondering who he is, he plays for Rochdale and he's taken this boot thing a stage further. Not content with showing blatant disregard for the boot policy of this fine Union, he's been spotted packing down in the front row in a pair of ORANGE, yes that's Orange, boots. We'll be writing to Mr Samuel for an explanation of these actions.

At least Andy Lynch has ditched that boot combination we were talking about a while ago but he brought shame and embarrassment on himself when attempting a drop goal in the clash at Headingley just before Easter. What's more disappointing is it wern't that bad an effort to start with but thankfully it were off target, so he escapes the maximum fine.

More disgraceful behaviour at Huddersfield on Friday night, not content with his girly hair cut and the white boots that taint this fine union at the moment Eorl Crabtree was spotted packing down in the middle of the front row. This is a clear breach of Union guidelines, no pass out had been applied for and we'll be reminding Mr Crabtree of his responsibility towards the Union and fellow members.

That big Feka lad at Wigan led they way on Good Friday with a fine example of a prop
forwards try in't big derby again Tellins. It was a shining example of an acceptable try scoring play for a member. Unfortunately on Sunday he blotted his copybook with wearing these white boots with a pink stripe on em. What's going on there lad? We'll be hauling you over the coals in the near future.

Richard Moore has been cited by a member of the public for a disgraceful act at the Pie Dome on Easter Monday. Again those dreaded white boots were on show and he performed an act of kicking the football which resulted in a goal line drop out. We'd shudder at the thought that he's been socialising with that Huby but we'll come onto him later in the piece.

Another member of the public has highlighted a reverse flick type pass by Kylie Leuluai of the Leeds chapter in France to set up a try. This though was balanced out by a late hit on some poncey winger. It cost the big man a spell in the sin bin but it was worth every single minute.

We've been asked about Props wearing these fancy skins and undershirts. The answer to that is simple. It's wrong. Now we know James Peacock has been known to wear a long sleeved shirt every now and then but we accept that because it's old school and retro. We've also been asked about mouthguards, a necessary evil unfortunately but can be a source of amusement. I remember a young Nicholas Scruton scoring for Hull against Leeds, big smile on his mug only to see his blue and amber guard on display. The boy knows his roots.

It has been reported that one of our more impressionable member at Wakefield, Ben Gledhill is being led astray but more senior members. Although complimented by our spy for his performance, that being superior to more seasoned member, he needs to sort out this boot issue and stop wearing white boots and find a good pair of black uns. This footwear problem is an ongoing problem at Wakefield and we'll be making our feelings known.

We'd like to compliment Ryan Bailey of the Leeds chapter for taking note of the boot policy. He was sporting a pair of predominantly black boots on Sunday. Still a bit of white on em but they were much better than in recent times.

We're also disturbed to hear that Shane Tronc is under the thumb of his better half and he's being forced to move back down under. Put your foot down lad, you shouldn't be letting your woman tell you what you should be doing. And while your home, buy some new bloody boots. Unless your missus won't let you, of course.

Craig Huby is getting back into old habits, more kicking the ball in the game last weekend against Huddersfield. We're quite glad actually, he's beginning to regret the errors of his ways and the cheque landed on the mat on Monday morning. Big wraps to his colleague at the Castleford chapter, Liam Higgins. That is a proper, old school prop's physique he's got going on there. Reminds me of a young Brendan Hill.

Luke Burgess's behaviour continues to cause concern for the Union. Some of his twitter updates are quite alarming.

We've also had some reports of boot problems down under. Nowt to do wi us, but we've passed your comments onto our friends in Australia for further investigation.

Don't forget as ever we're nowt without your help and contributions. You can sight and cite via Twitter, commenting on here or on RLFANS.

Thanking you kindly.

As you were

Tuesday, 23 March 2010


Nah then.

Another busy week in't union and we do think sometime that the @PFUChairman is going to collapse if this disgraceful behaviour continues amongst the membership.

First up we have the usual boot problems as ever. I hope that the membership is aware that wearing white boots can seriously damage your health. As James Peacock of the Leeds chapter found out to his cost on Friday night when he sported a pair o' bluddy white boots on Friday night and subsequently buggered his foot. Let that be a lesson.

T'others spotted in unsuitable footwear at the weekend include....
Joel Clinton (Hull (East)) - White boots
Luke Burgess (Leeds), for a bloody change - White Boots
Craig Huby (Castleford) - White with a BLUE flash? At least he refrained from kicking the ball, but we can't help thinking he's taking the mick.
Shane Tronc (Wakefield) - White boots
Richard Moore (Wakefield) - White boots
Michael Korkidas (Wakefield) - White boots
Scott Wheeldon (Hull (East)) - RED boots?
Andrew Lynch (Bradford) - Yellow/Grey boots (wtf)?

The usual suspects from the Catalan chapter were also spotted sporting some inappropriate footwear at Wrexham on Friday night, though it was noticeable that Rémi Casty had been dropped. We feel sure union pressure contributed to this. We hear some members were involved in the heavy welcome that Gareth Thomas was given to our fine sport and we commend them for that.

We've also had a report from our finally-resurfaced Cumbrian scout (we thought we'd lost him in the recent snows) about a lad called Ruari McGoff at Wukkinton. Not only did he wear GREEN Boots last week we thought he'd learnt his lesson when he were spotted in't sport shop in't week only to turn up at Spotland in a pair of GOLD boots on Sunday. Deary me today, what is the bloody world coming to.

Let's just reiterate this:

In other news, James Graham of the Tellins Chapter has also been snitched on for a grade two kicking the football offence during the "Cup Final" at Knowsley Road on Friday night. Apparently he put a "bomb" up during the game. This is unacceptable behaviour from young James but it's glad to see him back after apparently going missing in Manchester last October.

Garreth Haggerty is one lad the young 'uns should look up to. Still with the classic prop physique, he came up with a charge down t'other night, but rather than try going the length, just handed it onto a cheeky half-back instead. It's classic case of knowing your role. The aforementioned Rémi Casty is clearly learning too. Picking up a loose ball against Salford, he went 30 metres, clearly realised what he was about to do and dropped it, thereby ensuring compliance with union policy.

We'll repeat the appeal again for your sightings and citings folks, we rely on your help to ensure culprits are dealt with in the correct fashion. Comment on here, contact the Hon Chairman on RLFANS or Twitter.

Thanking you kindly

As you were

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Busy week for the PFU disciplinary

Nah then.

Ridiculously busy weekend for the Union with breaches left, right, centre and loose forward I don't know where to begin.

First up the Hon. Chairman would like to place on record his thanks to Twitterer @garrylad for his reporting of an unsavoury incident involving Mr Mark O'Meley. Apparently the big lad was caught doing the heinous crime of "kicking the football" during the Hull (West) v Wigan game on Friday night. The fact this kick led to a try for a cheeky half back is nigh on unforgivable. That's a grade two charge for the Ogre and has been referred to the fines committee.

Speaking of tries, Shane Tronc of the Wakefield Chapter bought disgrace to this fine Union by scoring TWO tries during their game at the Hull (East) chapter on Friday night. To compound this Mr Tronc was also spotted sporting a pair of WHITE boots. Good god lad, I hope they are paying you well down at Belle Vue as you'll be making a significant contribution to Union funds for those transgressions. Although we will let you off for the actual tries Tronc lad, they did fall well within Union guidelines, i.e. classic crash-over technique.

While we are on the subject of boots, it's been a pretty poor do this weekend from Union members. We've decided to name and shame them we don't mention elsewhere.....

Bradford Chapter member Mr Craig Kopzcak (v Warrington)
Fartown Chapter member Mr Darrell Griffin (v Leeds)
Perpignan Chapter members Messrs Dane Carlaw and Remi Casty (v Castleford)
Wakefield Chapter member Mr Richard Moore v (Hull (East))
Leeds Chapter member Mr Luke Burgess (v Fartown)

Mr David Ferriol of the Perpignan chapter apparently sported a pair of white boots augmented with a PINK stripe. This will result in a disciplinary hearing which may see Mr Ferriol's Union membership revoked. He should take note of the example set by Perpignan shop steward Mr Jerome Guisset who sported a pair of solid black boots. It's good to see the veterans of the art leading the way on this and backing the new official campaign to eradicate this blight. The Hon. Treasurer's young lad knocked this up in a Photo shop or something:

This is the official logo of the Back To Black campaign.

The committee would like to place on record their praise for Warrington shop steward Mr Adrian Morley for playing the full 80 against Bradford without a break. The committee also noted that Mr James Peacock also completed the full game, but this was tempered by the fact he was named in the second row. We hope Mr Peacock raised his concerns with the relevant department as this could jeapordise his membership of our fine Union. A temporary pass out can be obtained, but no request was received from Mr Peacock. His fine, fine record leads us to give him the benefit of the doubt - maybe it is lost in the post - but we seek a face-to-face meeting.

Andy Raleigh of the Fartown Chapter let himself down on Sunday with his white boots, but this was offset by him sparking up a bit of knuckle by flinging a few at some fancy dan second rower. This doesn't excuse entirely the footwear, but the biffo will be taken into account when deciding the level of the fine. The committee would also notes that white booted Mr Ryan Bailey of the Leeds chapter has learnt his lesson from the World Club Challenge. He was the first member on scene and decided this time to throw a few indiscriminate punches as well during the same schemozzle.

The Union has also contacted the Dewsbury shop steward to enquire why the number 8 and 10 shirts have not been occupied by members this year. What is the bloody world coming to? They have some cheeky half back wearing 8 and a bloody centre - a bloody centre - wearing 10. This is a bloody disgrace, these numbers should be sacrosanct on a rugby pitch and only sported by Union members. We realise this is an area overlooked by the Union in the past in these squad number days, but now we're aware there's an issue, we'll be looking.

Don't forget, if tha sights owt then cite em. Comments on here or contact the Hon. Chairman on twitter.

Thanking you kindly, as you were.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Footwear in the spotlight

Nah then.

It was a busy weekend at PFU Towers as the coffers started bulging again. Anyway, let's crack on with business.

First up we've had a report from out colleagues across the pond about Toulouse Olympique playing an unregistered member in their last two games against Dewsbury and Keighley. The Hon. Treasurer went along too see for himself and he duly reported this fact to be true. We will be liasing with our French colleagues for assistance in this matter, but the Treasurer discovered that the player in question is very keen to make his move to the front row permanent. He'll have to sort them white boots out though and that's a problem our cross-channel cousins seem to have. Down at St Estève, Andrew Bentley was seen packing down, unlicensed, at prop in white boots. And headgear. What is the world coming to?

Not that France is alone in white boot scandals. Reports from Headingley indicate not one, but TWO breaches of the footwear code during the game against Harlequins. Ryan Bailey and Luke Burgess were both spotted in white boots. They should be packed off to Elland Road as soon as possible to link up with the nancyballers. Mr Burgess apparently claimed after the game to be a stand-off in a prop's body as a possible excuse for such behaviour but the Union will not accept or tolerate that. A letter has been issued to the Leeds shop steward to ensure both members are brought back into line.

The committee also wished to commend Mr Glen Hall of the Bradford chapter for sporting suitable facial hair during their game against Wigan Warriors. It is a pleasure to see a member taking the time to sport such a moustache, even if he does look like an extra from Blazing Saddles.

The committee also report that the occasional licence of Mr Sam Burgess has been transferred to our Australian colleagues ahead of their season commencing.

Monday, 1 March 2010

World Club Challenge fallout

Melbourne were the visitors to British shores for the World Club Challenge and not only did the British side lose, PFU members let themselves down. We received two reports regarding members of the Leeds chapter, both related to biff incidents. Needless to say, dishing out knuckle is a fundamental aspect of prop forwardry. It was therefore a major disappointment to see two distinguised proponents of the art completely bottle out of it when the fists started flying.

Ryan Bailey is fined for not chucking any punch worthy of the name, despite being in perfect position to do so.
Jamie Peacock was subbed off as the biff began and failed to come charging off the bench to get involved. He escapes a fine due to his previous good record of cracking Australian skulls, but is issued a written warning.

Elsewhere, we welcome back Craig Huby to the disciplinary committee. We're starting to worry. Perhaps Mr Huby has been kicked out of home and now continually resides at PFU Towers. If we thought counselling wasn't complete and utter mumbo jumbo, we'd consider sending him. Instead, we've yet again to issue a fine for yet another kick to the corner. It's not as severe as he was let off the hook by a sympathetic team-mate who failed to score.

Mitchell Stringer seems to have taken up goal-kicking, much to the chairmanships chagrin. Compounding it with a three-from-three record only makes things worse and he's duly fined - the Dickens Rule.

We don't want to end on a sour note, so we finish with a commendations for James Graham for putting in the full 80 on Friday night and Adrian Morley who smacked another playmaker round the chops - Brett Hodgson on the receiving end this week.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Prop In a Frock?

Further to our earlier bulletin, investigations have continued into the disturbing incident in Batley.

News reaches the PFU the Mr Kylie Leuluai of the Leeds chapter was spotted at this here event at Batley Variety Club wearing ladies clothing and singing a song that should only be sung by a girl. This behaviour is a complete and utter disgrace and brings the good name of this Union into contempt. The Union will be seeking an explanation from Mr Leuluai at the earliest available opportunity. Others who are still under suspicion from events at this do are Richard Moore, Thomas Burgess, Garreth Carvell and Ewan Dowes. Investigations into this incident continue.

Whilst on the subject, we are delighted to receive the transfer papers from the UPFNZAI for Mr Joel Clinton who will be sponsored by the Hull (East) Chapter. His Union membership has also been proposed by Mr Adrian Morley, we still currently seek a seconder but it is expected that will be fulfilled shortly.

The PFU would also like to point out to members of the visiting Melbourne Storm squad that we will be monitoring their movements on behalf on the UPFNZAI whilst they are resident and playing in the United Kingdom. We at the PFU wish all our friends from Melbourne a pleasant stay on these shores.

Mr Alex Ferguson supports PFU boot policy

Been a pretty quiet weekend for the Union, but there have been some notable and disgraceful exceptions. First up is Mr Nicholas Scruton of the Bradford chapter. We appreciate that sometimes members are needed to score tries but it need to be done in the correct manner. To take the ball over 10 meters away from the line, sidestep and spin out of attempted tackles to bag said try is not acceptable conduct from a member of the union. There are two saving graces for Mr Scruton: a) the fact that the Castleford defenders clearly had better things to do than attempt a tackle worthy of the name and b) the traditional headware which he sported during the game. A fine example to younger members.

It has brought to out attention that Mr Craig Huby of the Castleford chapter has again bought shame and disrepute to the Union with his antics during the game on Friday night. Not happy with the level three kicking charge incurred the other week he compounded this by kicking the ball from hand, in a crossfield manner to create a try for a cheeky winger. We will be asking Mr Huby for a further significant donation to Union funds. There has also been a proposal for Mr Huby to be excluded from the Union but the way the lad is funding us at the moment it has been put on hold for now.

The Union is currently undertaking an investigation into claims that members were spotted at an event at Batley Variety club the other night. It is alleged that certain members were entertaining a large crowd with singing and dancing on stage. We are yet to confirm all members involved but the fingers are pointing at the previously mentioned Mr Scruton plus members from the Leeds, Hull (West) and Warrington chapters. There is also an allegation that some of the PFU Youth section are involved as well.

We note with interest with the comments made today by the manager of Manchester United Football Club, Mr Alex Ferguson, regarding footwear. He has stated that members of the youth team are not permitted to wear any colour boots other than black. We would like to remind members that the PFU operate a similar policy and any member found breaching this regulation will be asked to make a trip to explain their actions to the committee.

The committee would also like to express their delight at the tackle by Mr Adrian Morley on some fancy dan second rower at the weekend. Bought a tear to the Hon. Secretary's eye it did.

We would also like to repeat our appeal from weekend due to receiving minimal feedback. For any citings or sightings please leave a comment on here or contact the Chairman via Twitter.

And Burgess, we're watching you lad.

Friday, 19 February 2010

Unsporting conduct

Word reaches us from one of our spotters of some obscene prop-on-prop action from last weekend's Warrington v Castleford game. Garreth Carvell led with the elbow on Paul Jackson, seemingly oblivious of the PFU Code Of Conduct. While knocking folk about is one of the noble arts of prop forwardry that we, the union, seek to uphold, it's against the Brotherhood ethos for members to engage in it between themselves. So to the protagonist, we say: Sir, save your energies for noble pursuits such as twatting half-backs, fancy-dan wingers and anyone with a stupid haircut.
No fines will be issued, but a letter reminding Mr Carvell of his duties to his brothers in the union will be issued.

In other news:

Now the PFU is dipping it's tow in the waters of modern technology what with this 'ere webpage as well as going all a'Twitter, but a source tells us that we're not the first among brethren to jump on board these new toys. A source tells us that Luke Burgess "practically lives on Twitter" and that it's "all about his trips to bleedin' Nandos". Now we're all for encouraging the lad, but we're still trying to ascertain whether these new fangled gadgmos and gizgets are all that and we've yet to give proper approval. So calm down young Burgess.

Elsewhere, a member of the Bradford chapter has been putting his spare time to useful employ. Andy Lynch has made a great impression with his mickey taking of one of the members of the Association of Dummy Halves and Hookers (ADHH), namely one Wayne Godwin, by inventing 'Wagga's Wall of Fame' and features a number of lookalikes of Mr Godwin. Among these are though to be Carlos Tevez, Gordon Ramsay, David Gest, Simon Weston, Leatherface from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre films and Gollum. A fine use of your time, Mr Lynch.

Thursday, 18 February 2010


The Hon. Chairman wishes to make a please to the general Rugby League community. If we are to continue to hold up the virtues and values of Prop Forwarding we need you help.

We need you to report incidents and findings of any wrong doing by Prop Forwards in order for us to take action. You need to be on the look out for the following.....

Inappropriate coloured boots
Kicking the football
Non-Members impersonating Prop Forwards
Inappropriate try scoring (ie anything over 10 metres)
Multiple try scoring.
Being made to look a fool by a half back
Yellow and Red Cards

We also appreciate good play as well, so look out for

Big hits
Slapping cheeky half backs

Don't forget you can report things here by commenting or to the Hon. Chairman directly via Twitter

Here endeth the plea. I thank you.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Charge Sheet 1

Ryan O'Hara (Crusaders) - Kicking the Football (Grade 1)
Incident took place during second half of Crusaders v Leeds Rhinos game. Friday 29th January 2010

Committee Findings: First Offence. The committee took into account that Mr O'Hara was placed into a bad position by the acting half back by being given the ball at first receiver on the last tackle. He was left with little to no option but to kick the ball. Mr O'Hara was given advice that in future he should look for the nearest half back before shaming the Union with such antics in the future.

Craig Huby (Castleford Tigers) - Kicking the Football (Grade 3)
Numerous incidents took place during the Leeds Rhinos v Castleford Tigers game. Friday 5th February 2010

Committee Findings: A serial offender and the committee are becoming sick of the sight of Mr Huby at these proceedings. Kicking for goal is bad enough behaviour (34th minute) but to be caught in the act of kicking the ball to restart the game (39th minute) and then a drop out from under the posts in the second half brings disrepute to this Union and will not be tolerated anymore. Mr Huby will be asked to contribute a significant sum to Union funds for these transgressions.

Richard Fletcher (Barrow Raiders) - Kicking the Football (Grade 1)
Two incidents during the Barrow Raiders v Blackpool Panthers game. Sunday 7th February

Committee Findings: Mr Fletcher was twice spotted taking attempts at goal during the above fixture. To compound this both attempts were successful. Mr Fletcher was warned to his future conduct and advised another appearance in front of this committee would be frowned upon.

Danny Stanley (Doncaster) - Kicking the Football (Grade 1)
Two incidents during Swinton Lions v Doncaster game. Sunday 7th February

Committee Findings: Mr Stanley was twice spotted taking attempts at goal during the above fixture. Mr Stanley, unlike Mr Fletcher, was not successful with either attempt. The committee warned Mr Stanley that this was unacceptable behaviour but in the light of the 0% success rate it was decided just to place the incident on record and take no further action at this time.

The Committee would also like to commend Stuart Dickens (Featherstone Rovers) for having his goal kicking duties removed.

You can report any findings to the Chairman via Twitter

New members

Huddersfield have put in applications for membership for Andy Raleigh and Danny Kirmond. Raleigh's application was accepted, but it's only two years since Kirmond was playing on the wing. He has a two-year probationary period to serve before full membership can be considered. We were pleased, however, by the promotion of another of the Fairbank family to the Huddersfield first team.

Our French cousins at the Catalan Dragons have applied to have Dane Carlaw's membership renewed. As a former Test prop, it was accepted, but with a warning that any repeat of him playing on the wing (Salford away in 2009, where he scored a try) will put this in jeopardy. Jamal Fakir has applied for a new membership and has proved that he's put on the requisite amount of weight. Membership accepted.

Other new members join us from our Australian counterparts - the Society of Front Rowers - for 2010. Mark O'Meley joins the Hull (West) chapter and Wakefield welcome Shane Tronc, although Joel Clinton's move to the Hull (East) chapter is still held up. All are welcome.