Friday, 19 February 2010

Unsporting conduct

Word reaches us from one of our spotters of some obscene prop-on-prop action from last weekend's Warrington v Castleford game. Garreth Carvell led with the elbow on Paul Jackson, seemingly oblivious of the PFU Code Of Conduct. While knocking folk about is one of the noble arts of prop forwardry that we, the union, seek to uphold, it's against the Brotherhood ethos for members to engage in it between themselves. So to the protagonist, we say: Sir, save your energies for noble pursuits such as twatting half-backs, fancy-dan wingers and anyone with a stupid haircut.
No fines will be issued, but a letter reminding Mr Carvell of his duties to his brothers in the union will be issued.

In other news:

Now the PFU is dipping it's tow in the waters of modern technology what with this 'ere webpage as well as going all a'Twitter, but a source tells us that we're not the first among brethren to jump on board these new toys. A source tells us that Luke Burgess "practically lives on Twitter" and that it's "all about his trips to bleedin' Nandos". Now we're all for encouraging the lad, but we're still trying to ascertain whether these new fangled gadgmos and gizgets are all that and we've yet to give proper approval. So calm down young Burgess.

Elsewhere, a member of the Bradford chapter has been putting his spare time to useful employ. Andy Lynch has made a great impression with his mickey taking of one of the members of the Association of Dummy Halves and Hookers (ADHH), namely one Wayne Godwin, by inventing 'Wagga's Wall of Fame' and features a number of lookalikes of Mr Godwin. Among these are though to be Carlos Tevez, Gordon Ramsay, David Gest, Simon Weston, Leatherface from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre films and Gollum. A fine use of your time, Mr Lynch.

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