Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Mr Alex Ferguson supports PFU boot policy

Been a pretty quiet weekend for the Union, but there have been some notable and disgraceful exceptions. First up is Mr Nicholas Scruton of the Bradford chapter. We appreciate that sometimes members are needed to score tries but it need to be done in the correct manner. To take the ball over 10 meters away from the line, sidestep and spin out of attempted tackles to bag said try is not acceptable conduct from a member of the union. There are two saving graces for Mr Scruton: a) the fact that the Castleford defenders clearly had better things to do than attempt a tackle worthy of the name and b) the traditional headware which he sported during the game. A fine example to younger members.

It has brought to out attention that Mr Craig Huby of the Castleford chapter has again bought shame and disrepute to the Union with his antics during the game on Friday night. Not happy with the level three kicking charge incurred the other week he compounded this by kicking the ball from hand, in a crossfield manner to create a try for a cheeky winger. We will be asking Mr Huby for a further significant donation to Union funds. There has also been a proposal for Mr Huby to be excluded from the Union but the way the lad is funding us at the moment it has been put on hold for now.

The Union is currently undertaking an investigation into claims that members were spotted at an event at Batley Variety club the other night. It is alleged that certain members were entertaining a large crowd with singing and dancing on stage. We are yet to confirm all members involved but the fingers are pointing at the previously mentioned Mr Scruton plus members from the Leeds, Hull (West) and Warrington chapters. There is also an allegation that some of the PFU Youth section are involved as well.

We note with interest with the comments made today by the manager of Manchester United Football Club, Mr Alex Ferguson, regarding footwear. He has stated that members of the youth team are not permitted to wear any colour boots other than black. We would like to remind members that the PFU operate a similar policy and any member found breaching this regulation will be asked to make a trip to explain their actions to the committee.

The committee would also like to express their delight at the tackle by Mr Adrian Morley on some fancy dan second rower at the weekend. Bought a tear to the Hon. Secretary's eye it did.

We would also like to repeat our appeal from weekend due to receiving minimal feedback. For any citings or sightings please leave a comment on here or contact the Chairman via Twitter.

And Burgess, we're watching you lad.

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