Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Prop In a Frock?

Further to our earlier bulletin, investigations have continued into the disturbing incident in Batley.

News reaches the PFU the Mr Kylie Leuluai of the Leeds chapter was spotted at this here event at Batley Variety Club wearing ladies clothing and singing a song that should only be sung by a girl. This behaviour is a complete and utter disgrace and brings the good name of this Union into contempt. The Union will be seeking an explanation from Mr Leuluai at the earliest available opportunity. Others who are still under suspicion from events at this do are Richard Moore, Thomas Burgess, Garreth Carvell and Ewan Dowes. Investigations into this incident continue.

Whilst on the subject, we are delighted to receive the transfer papers from the UPFNZAI for Mr Joel Clinton who will be sponsored by the Hull (East) Chapter. His Union membership has also been proposed by Mr Adrian Morley, we still currently seek a seconder but it is expected that will be fulfilled shortly.

The PFU would also like to point out to members of the visiting Melbourne Storm squad that we will be monitoring their movements on behalf on the UPFNZAI whilst they are resident and playing in the United Kingdom. We at the PFU wish all our friends from Melbourne a pleasant stay on these shores.

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