Monday, 1 March 2010

World Club Challenge fallout

Melbourne were the visitors to British shores for the World Club Challenge and not only did the British side lose, PFU members let themselves down. We received two reports regarding members of the Leeds chapter, both related to biff incidents. Needless to say, dishing out knuckle is a fundamental aspect of prop forwardry. It was therefore a major disappointment to see two distinguised proponents of the art completely bottle out of it when the fists started flying.

Ryan Bailey is fined for not chucking any punch worthy of the name, despite being in perfect position to do so.
Jamie Peacock was subbed off as the biff began and failed to come charging off the bench to get involved. He escapes a fine due to his previous good record of cracking Australian skulls, but is issued a written warning.

Elsewhere, we welcome back Craig Huby to the disciplinary committee. We're starting to worry. Perhaps Mr Huby has been kicked out of home and now continually resides at PFU Towers. If we thought counselling wasn't complete and utter mumbo jumbo, we'd consider sending him. Instead, we've yet again to issue a fine for yet another kick to the corner. It's not as severe as he was let off the hook by a sympathetic team-mate who failed to score.

Mitchell Stringer seems to have taken up goal-kicking, much to the chairmanships chagrin. Compounding it with a three-from-three record only makes things worse and he's duly fined - the Dickens Rule.

We don't want to end on a sour note, so we finish with a commendations for James Graham for putting in the full 80 on Friday night and Adrian Morley who smacked another playmaker round the chops - Brett Hodgson on the receiving end this week.

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