Thursday, 11 March 2010

Footwear in the spotlight

Nah then.

It was a busy weekend at PFU Towers as the coffers started bulging again. Anyway, let's crack on with business.

First up we've had a report from out colleagues across the pond about Toulouse Olympique playing an unregistered member in their last two games against Dewsbury and Keighley. The Hon. Treasurer went along too see for himself and he duly reported this fact to be true. We will be liasing with our French colleagues for assistance in this matter, but the Treasurer discovered that the player in question is very keen to make his move to the front row permanent. He'll have to sort them white boots out though and that's a problem our cross-channel cousins seem to have. Down at St Estève, Andrew Bentley was seen packing down, unlicensed, at prop in white boots. And headgear. What is the world coming to?

Not that France is alone in white boot scandals. Reports from Headingley indicate not one, but TWO breaches of the footwear code during the game against Harlequins. Ryan Bailey and Luke Burgess were both spotted in white boots. They should be packed off to Elland Road as soon as possible to link up with the nancyballers. Mr Burgess apparently claimed after the game to be a stand-off in a prop's body as a possible excuse for such behaviour but the Union will not accept or tolerate that. A letter has been issued to the Leeds shop steward to ensure both members are brought back into line.

The committee also wished to commend Mr Glen Hall of the Bradford chapter for sporting suitable facial hair during their game against Wigan Warriors. It is a pleasure to see a member taking the time to sport such a moustache, even if he does look like an extra from Blazing Saddles.

The committee also report that the occasional licence of Mr Sam Burgess has been transferred to our Australian colleagues ahead of their season commencing.

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