Tuesday, 23 March 2010


Nah then.

Another busy week in't union and we do think sometime that the @PFUChairman is going to collapse if this disgraceful behaviour continues amongst the membership.

First up we have the usual boot problems as ever. I hope that the membership is aware that wearing white boots can seriously damage your health. As James Peacock of the Leeds chapter found out to his cost on Friday night when he sported a pair o' bluddy white boots on Friday night and subsequently buggered his foot. Let that be a lesson.

T'others spotted in unsuitable footwear at the weekend include....
Joel Clinton (Hull (East)) - White boots
Luke Burgess (Leeds), for a bloody change - White Boots
Craig Huby (Castleford) - White with a BLUE flash? At least he refrained from kicking the ball, but we can't help thinking he's taking the mick.
Shane Tronc (Wakefield) - White boots
Richard Moore (Wakefield) - White boots
Michael Korkidas (Wakefield) - White boots
Scott Wheeldon (Hull (East)) - RED boots?
Andrew Lynch (Bradford) - Yellow/Grey boots (wtf)?

The usual suspects from the Catalan chapter were also spotted sporting some inappropriate footwear at Wrexham on Friday night, though it was noticeable that Rémi Casty had been dropped. We feel sure union pressure contributed to this. We hear some members were involved in the heavy welcome that Gareth Thomas was given to our fine sport and we commend them for that.

We've also had a report from our finally-resurfaced Cumbrian scout (we thought we'd lost him in the recent snows) about a lad called Ruari McGoff at Wukkinton. Not only did he wear GREEN Boots last week we thought he'd learnt his lesson when he were spotted in't sport shop in't week only to turn up at Spotland in a pair of GOLD boots on Sunday. Deary me today, what is the bloody world coming to.

Let's just reiterate this:

In other news, James Graham of the Tellins Chapter has also been snitched on for a grade two kicking the football offence during the "Cup Final" at Knowsley Road on Friday night. Apparently he put a "bomb" up during the game. This is unacceptable behaviour from young James but it's glad to see him back after apparently going missing in Manchester last October.

Garreth Haggerty is one lad the young 'uns should look up to. Still with the classic prop physique, he came up with a charge down t'other night, but rather than try going the length, just handed it onto a cheeky half-back instead. It's classic case of knowing your role. The aforementioned Rémi Casty is clearly learning too. Picking up a loose ball against Salford, he went 30 metres, clearly realised what he was about to do and dropped it, thereby ensuring compliance with union policy.

We'll repeat the appeal again for your sightings and citings folks, we rely on your help to ensure culprits are dealt with in the correct fashion. Comment on here, contact the Hon Chairman on RLFANS or Twitter.

Thanking you kindly

As you were


Anonymous said...

Nah then; very much enjoy your blog - triffic stuff.

I wonder what the PFU's view is of t'Wakefield chapters newest member - young Ben Gledhill. In two hit-outs wi' big lads, this promising bairn has put in some massive shots, bundled a cheeky half back over the advertising hoardings and been involved in at least two minor biff incidents; all good stuff that I'm sure the Union would applaud.

However, he has also offloaded accurately at least 3 times (despite the fine example of offload ineptitude set by his mentor Mr Richard Moore) and has sported white bloody boots for both matches.

Does the Union make allowances for youthful exuberance and forgive the lad his transgressions, or does he already owe us some brass?

waterbob said...

i know t'union powers only extend to this country but in the nrl this week roy asotasi appeared on the end of a 5 man handling move, looking suspiciously like a glory hunting back. he had lime green boots on too. think you should alert your overseas comrates