Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Busy week for the PFU disciplinary

Nah then.

Ridiculously busy weekend for the Union with breaches left, right, centre and loose forward I don't know where to begin.

First up the Hon. Chairman would like to place on record his thanks to Twitterer @garrylad for his reporting of an unsavoury incident involving Mr Mark O'Meley. Apparently the big lad was caught doing the heinous crime of "kicking the football" during the Hull (West) v Wigan game on Friday night. The fact this kick led to a try for a cheeky half back is nigh on unforgivable. That's a grade two charge for the Ogre and has been referred to the fines committee.

Speaking of tries, Shane Tronc of the Wakefield Chapter bought disgrace to this fine Union by scoring TWO tries during their game at the Hull (East) chapter on Friday night. To compound this Mr Tronc was also spotted sporting a pair of WHITE boots. Good god lad, I hope they are paying you well down at Belle Vue as you'll be making a significant contribution to Union funds for those transgressions. Although we will let you off for the actual tries Tronc lad, they did fall well within Union guidelines, i.e. classic crash-over technique.

While we are on the subject of boots, it's been a pretty poor do this weekend from Union members. We've decided to name and shame them we don't mention elsewhere.....

Bradford Chapter member Mr Craig Kopzcak (v Warrington)
Fartown Chapter member Mr Darrell Griffin (v Leeds)
Perpignan Chapter members Messrs Dane Carlaw and Remi Casty (v Castleford)
Wakefield Chapter member Mr Richard Moore v (Hull (East))
Leeds Chapter member Mr Luke Burgess (v Fartown)

Mr David Ferriol of the Perpignan chapter apparently sported a pair of white boots augmented with a PINK stripe. This will result in a disciplinary hearing which may see Mr Ferriol's Union membership revoked. He should take note of the example set by Perpignan shop steward Mr Jerome Guisset who sported a pair of solid black boots. It's good to see the veterans of the art leading the way on this and backing the new official campaign to eradicate this blight. The Hon. Treasurer's young lad knocked this up in a Photo shop or something:

This is the official logo of the Back To Black campaign.

The committee would like to place on record their praise for Warrington shop steward Mr Adrian Morley for playing the full 80 against Bradford without a break. The committee also noted that Mr James Peacock also completed the full game, but this was tempered by the fact he was named in the second row. We hope Mr Peacock raised his concerns with the relevant department as this could jeapordise his membership of our fine Union. A temporary pass out can be obtained, but no request was received from Mr Peacock. His fine, fine record leads us to give him the benefit of the doubt - maybe it is lost in the post - but we seek a face-to-face meeting.

Andy Raleigh of the Fartown Chapter let himself down on Sunday with his white boots, but this was offset by him sparking up a bit of knuckle by flinging a few at some fancy dan second rower. This doesn't excuse entirely the footwear, but the biffo will be taken into account when deciding the level of the fine. The committee would also notes that white booted Mr Ryan Bailey of the Leeds chapter has learnt his lesson from the World Club Challenge. He was the first member on scene and decided this time to throw a few indiscriminate punches as well during the same schemozzle.

The Union has also contacted the Dewsbury shop steward to enquire why the number 8 and 10 shirts have not been occupied by members this year. What is the bloody world coming to? They have some cheeky half back wearing 8 and a bloody centre - a bloody centre - wearing 10. This is a bloody disgrace, these numbers should be sacrosanct on a rugby pitch and only sported by Union members. We realise this is an area overlooked by the Union in the past in these squad number days, but now we're aware there's an issue, we'll be looking.

Don't forget, if tha sights owt then cite em. Comments on here or contact the Hon. Chairman on twitter.

Thanking you kindly, as you were.


MickeyMo said...

White boots ... prop forwards ... head gear ... We're going to hell in a handcart for sure.

Keep up the good work.

Panda92 said...

Dear PFU towers,

At the recent Hull FC vs Bradford game I noticed that Bradford prop Lynch was wearing grey and bright yellow boots. I felt that this should be brought to your attention.

I am, however, happy to report that all Hull FC props were wearing black boots (although Cusack had a white line at the side).