Monday, 4 April 2011

Hard or vindictive and a Vivienne Westwood bag

Lots of business to catch up on this week with some highly contentious talking points.

The big one of course is the stink kicked up by Jeff Lima's (Wigan) attack on a vulnerable Chris Clarkson. We can't condone this. Our representative in the stands didn't like it at the time and repeat viewings of the footage doesn't make it look any better. We're all for playing the game hard and not standing for any nonsense, but there's a line and Lima crossed it. There was nothing to be gained by his intervention other than potentially putting the career of a young opponent in jeopardy when said opponent could do nothing about it. It's not big and it's not clever. If Lima has a beef with Mr Clarkson, then there's an appropriate way to deal with it, much like Ben Cross (Leeds) did in the immediate aftermath. It was good work from the big Australian to step in, issue some summary justice and calm it all down. Severe reprimand for Lima, commendation for Cross.

Garreth Carvell (Warrington) may also have crossed a bit of a line when he walloped cheeky Perpignan half-back Scott Dureau late, high and off the ball. At first, it looked like Dureau was seriously hurt, but after a night in hospital he's OK. It's all part of a growing trend. We all like a bit of roughness, but you've got to respect your opponent. Cheap shots do no favours to you or the union. Consider this a general warning.

David Ferriol (Perpignan) is in bother for first flinging a cut-out pass for a try and later going on a weaving, side-stepping 30 metre charge for a quite spectacular try at Warrington. You wouldn't catch Brendan Hill doing that and so the appropriate fine is issued. Currency to depend on where we collect. Congratulations to his team-mate Rémi Casty though, a feisty young character we've had our eye on for a while. He made his 100th appearance for his club last week.

Other try-scorers this week were Ray Cashmere (Salford) and Louie McCarthy-Scarsbrook (Tellins). Cashmere's was raised to us by @CuppaBrew on twitter who says "Not sure if it breaches union rules". It doesn't young man, but you're quite right to be vigilant. McCarthy-Scarsbrook got two, but neither was from more than a few inches, so no case to answer there either.

Boots next. We've been enjoying Nick Fozzard (Castleford) on Twitter, but being amusing is not an acceptable defence for yellow boots. Fellow veteran Karl Temata (London), on the other hand, is to be commended for both his black boots and his burgeoning mullet which wouldn't look out of place on an Australian sheep farm.

At the Castleford v Wales North game the other week, we were alerted by Nevchenko5 to an incident which saw an all-in brawl that saw three backs sent to the sin bin. Where were the membership? Video evidence wasn't conclusive, but we've called both shop stewards in to the office to find out what went on. While we're on the subject of Castleford, we hear that Craig Huby had a lovely evening at Disney on Ice. Hope you're proud of yourself, young man.

Finally, the most heinous crime of the week, month - maybe ever. We're indebted to @garrylad for his inside info on this one and it concerns serial offender Richard Moore (Wales North). His boots offences are racking up at a Huby-esque rate, but he's really blotted his copybook with this one. He was spotted leaving the dressing rooms at Salford proudly clutching a pink Vivienne Westwood bag. We had to look this Westwood character up and it turns out she's nowt to do with Warrington's Ben, not that that would have helped Mr Moore in his defence. Big fine and a letter advising him to future conduct. Also, we've called in his shop steward for a talking to.

Before we sign off, a quick hello to the new visitors who found us via our new best mate Andy Wilson's latest Guardian blog. Welcome aboard and help keep us up to date with the various shenanigans of the membership on here and the Chairman's Twitter.

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